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M+ Fluid

$99.00  - $344.00

Sleep Repair

$96.00  - $290.00

Extreme+ Hydrant Serum

$60.00  - $148.00

Ultra Defence SPF 50

$48.00  - $117.00

Ageless Eye

$48.00  - $117.00

Placenta Plus

$48.00  - $117.00

A3 Concentrate

$48.00  - $117.00

Professional Skincare

Each product is carefully formulated with only the best active ingredients and after rigorous testing by our team. By maximise the effective concentration of active ingredients in each product and using the latest technology to activate and deliver these ingredients into the skin, we create products that are safe and can truly change your skin.

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Immediate Results Lasting Change

Jyunka aims not only to give you immediate results but also for you to experience healthier, stronger, and younger skin that lasts. To achieve this, we take a holistic approach to skincare, focusing as much on creating the best products and professional treatments, as we do on the environmental and inner factors that affect your skin. Afterall, beauty is not only skin-deep.

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Personalised For You

Your skin is unique, and it changes as you experience different stages of your life. That is why, your skincare must be personalised to you. Through detailed and ongoing consultations, in person or video, our professionals get to know you and your skin needs and prescribe a home care routine and professional treatment plan customised to you and your skin’s changing needs. We want to walk with you on your skincare journey.

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Home Treatment Essentials

Absolute Mask


Private: Tri-Hydro Concentrate


Purify Mask


Tri-Peptide Concentrate


A3 Concentrate


Sleep Repair


Magnesium Spot Patch


Purify Scrub Cleanser


5-in-1 Gel Cleanser


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